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Bonifati Vorontsov
Bonifati Vorontsov

87 Great Photography Blogs And Feeds

Right away, visitors can see the positive inspiration through a tumultuous 2020 year in review. We loved that they have members sharing stories and testimonials, making the Saddleback Church experience more personal. These elements resonate with visitors and demonstrate how the church impacts real people who have overcome or let God use them. The website is simple in nature, yet packed full of resources, and leverages great photography.

87 Great Photography Blogs and Feeds

They have very clear sections of content with minimal text. The site looks very clean and they have crisp photography to help bring it all together. The use of other online tools linked to member use is great. They have good resources for the youth such as devotional and video tools on their youth page.

Bold colors and excellent photography make the website stand out. Their youth and kids pages are laid out with great care, as well. The homepage features a pop-up text box, addressing brand new visitors and providing a path to introducing the church. Dialogue boxes with CTAs are a great way to connect directly with specific, niche audiences.

Like some of the other sites in our Top 100, this site offers most of the important information and resources right on the homepage. This design helps keep the user engaged without forcing a new visitor to search for information. Using some simple design features like parallax images and clear section breaks makes this layout work well, too. The site features great headers with images and headlines, contact info for each ministry leader, event and or blogs for according ministry, etc.

Twitter can be tailored to do many different things and if someone wants to have separate twitter feeds for their classes, great. The problem lies, however, in the use cases mentioned.They only work if Twitter has great archiving and search capabilities. And right now it has neither. Twitter does not enable me to export all my tweets from the beginning of time. Neither does it provide me a way to effectively search my own tweets, let alone tagging or annotating. How can it be useful for class notes I might want to reference at some future date? The lack of capabilities is a huge hole that prevents many, many uses.


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