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Heinlein Number Of The Beast Epub Download !!LINK!!

No, this benefits only those who accidentally happen to have objectives similar to those of the trust.No, this benefits those who purposely have objectives similar to those of the trust as well. Just for the sake of completeness... :)I'm a fanboy but... (Score:5, Interesting)by The Mutant ( 167716 ) writes: on Friday September 21, 2007 @05:35AM (#20694213)Homepage I fear this is for the hard core only.I was hoping to get downloadable versions of all his books that I read as a kid, especially some of the more obscure titles, and as I read them.Don't get me wrong - this is very cool, but we're not talking the finished product here, but all drafts leading up to the galley that was submitted to the publisher.So this would be very good to see how the plot, characters & books were developed. But you're not gonna curl up with one of these. I suspect they'll be dense reads.And expensive! The complete, seven parts of Starship Troopers [] will set you back $21!!SharetwitterfacebookRe: (Score:2)by Catbeller ( 118204 ) writes: Well, you could hit the torrent or eMule downloads, as the books have been scanned years back for your pleasure. Then you could curl up with your Touch iPod or iPhone and read the -- D'OH! They won't let us have an eBook reader app other than Web 2.0.Almost there, almost there.hrmph. (Score:4, Insightful)by apodyopsis ( 1048476 ) writes: on Friday September 21, 2007 @05:44AM (#20694261) I like Heinlein. I have all his books, even the one finished by Spider Robinson. But when I can buy an copy off the 'net for less then a scanned, no doubt DRM'd, electronic copy - I have to wonder who the target of this website is. Bottom line - If you want to impress people donate the collected works to the Gutenberg archive. But of course that is not a money spinner. Hardcore fans only indeed - though I am not knocking this as a source for historical research for the academics.SharetwitterfacebookRe: (Score:2)by praxis ( 19962 ) writes: While I am not completely aware of what's available in published form, I did take a look at what you get for your $38.00 to download the Stranger in a Strange Land files. I was impressed. You get scans of the original manuscript, drafts, edits, letters he wrote and recieved about that work, and other interested tidbits. Hence, the archive seems pretty well poised for the academic and research crowd, where getting a behind-the-scenes look is actually now afordable. No more flying down, staying in a hotelRe: (Score:3, Insightful)by Aladrin ( 926209 ) writes: Your last line answered it: Hardcore fans and academics. While I love to read, I have very little interest in HOW a book is written. I mean, I kind of care, but not enough to sift through tons of notes and try to recreate his thought process on a book that took him months or years to write. I simply don't have enough time to care. On the other hand, if I were looking at writing my first book, I'd be sorely tempted to take a look at the process a master used, and see what could help me along. And if I makes mens magazine available online! (Score:5, Funny)by HaloZero ( 610207 ) writes: on Friday September 21, 2007 @06:30AM (#20694415)Homepage In other news, Playboy Magazine recently launched, which allows the worlds premier men's magazine to be made available online! You can skip the brief article, and go straight to the archives [NSFW] [].Sharetwitterfacebooksmokin something (Score:2)by night_flyer ( 453866 ) writes: Job: A comedy of Justice, new on Amazon... $7.99Job: A comedy of Justice, used on Amazon... $0.01Job: A comedy of Justice, digitized... $33.00?!?Re: (Score:2)by VAXcat ( 674775 ) writes:, Job: A Comedy of Justice, is really really bad! One of his worst works, and I say this as a lifelong devoted RAH fan. This (along with "I Will Fear No Weevils") is one of the RAH books I have only read once...and just barely made it through.Re:smokin something (Score:5, Insightful)by Walt Dismal ( 534799 ) writes: on Friday September 21, 2007 @10:55AM (#20697351) I think the title originally was "I Will Fear No Editor" (okay, I joke) but it read like that, too. Not one of his greatest works. However his artery blockage problem was kicking in around then.I'll stick my two cents in here. Heinlein's juveniles and many other works (up until the period when the transition in quality coming from his cerebral artery problem deeply hurt his work) all celebrated the human condition, and the ability of man to rise to noble heights. They also were cracking good stories, too. Heinlein does not deserve the denigration coming these days from academic hacks and people unable to understand what he was really getting at. He wrote of man's responsibility to society, over and over again, and I find it offensive when some dimwitted, unimaginative 'publish or perish' academic arrogantly demeans him.

heinlein number of the beast epub download



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