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[S6E22] What Will Happen To The Gang Next Year [UPDATED]

The next day the park is revealed to be back in business with Maellard telling the Staff that he will keep it open for many years to come. Benson thanks Maellard stating that the park has something unique that all the others don't (that being Huge Head's head floating in midair, taking residence in the portal). Huge Head is happy with all the attention he's getting.

[S6E22] What Will Happen to the Gang Next Year

Damon and Stefan close Elena's coffin in the crypt. "If word gets out that her body has the cure in it, every vampire will come after her. Bonnie is going to spell it shut." It's Damon's turn to say good-bye. She tells him to live his life and enjoy himself. They slow dance in the middle of the road. Stefan sits down with Caroline, and tells her he made a list about all the ways loving her has changed his life. He understands if he has to wait for her, and says he will. "When you're ready for me, I will be ready for you," he says. Damon and Elena finish their dance and Damon prepares to spend the next 60 years of his life without her in it. He sadly kisses her.

Booth is shown to be jealous of Temperance's romantic relationships in Two Bodies in the Lab and The Woman in Limbo. He is known to be fiercely protective of both Brennan and his partnership with her. When he was asked by his potential love interest Camille Saroyan, what he would do if she fired, he instantly replied: "I'm with Bones, Cam. All the way. Don't doubt it for a second". in The Boy in the Shroud. When her life was in danger, he went out of his way to be with her and protect her himself. In Two Bodies in the Lab, when Bones was kidnapped, Booth, despite having recently barely survived a deadly blast intended for Bones, took part in the rescue mission to find her even though he was horribly hurt. Perhaps Booth's most famous example to date was when he tracked a gang leader who put a hit out on Bones and threatened the man himself, sticking a gun in the criminal's mouth and saying "If anything happens to her, I will find you and I will kill you. I won't think twice," in The Woman in the Garden.

In series finale Brennan is left with an existential crisis, after a head injury temporarily impairs her ability to remember how to do her job, feeling that without her intelligence, she will lose everything that makes her who she is and uncertain of what she will be without that, but Booth reassures her that she is the woman he loves and his partner no matter what. Later, after going after Mark Kovac, Booth suffered an injury to his hand that rendered him unable to move it. Brennan was able to interpret what happened to his hand and was able to snap it back into place, restoring the mobility in Booth's hand and proving that she is getting better. Because of her, Booth is later able to kill Mark Kovac by shooting in the head with his handgun. By the following morning, Brennan reveals that her agnosia is almost completely healed, and she would be able to get back to work by the time that the Jeffersonian is restored in six weeks.

Currently, there are no major indications as to what fans can expect to follow after the near-perfect twist at the end of Riverdale season 6, leaving viewers plenty of room to theorize on what's to come for the characters and how this will ultimately lead to the show's conclusion. It's likely that the main cast will be returning for the final season, with hints from Aguirre-Sacasa that some old faces might make an appearance as a result of the time jump. With filming of season 7 likely to start within the next year, viewers won't have to wait long to see what 1950s Riverdale has to offer. 041b061a72


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