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Prehistorik 2 Download PC Game

This new chapter has the same storyline from the first Prehistorik, where you play as a platforming caveman on the search for food. One element that did not carry over into the sequel is the need to maintain a minimum food level. Using his club, the caveman bops enemies on the head and takes the spoils they leave behind. Enemies drop food and other random bonus items upon death. You can also find items by using your club for things other than enemy bopping. The game has hidden areas, secret levels, and multiple exits to each level. Every few levels you engage in a boss fight and are given a password to skip that level on a replay.

Prehistorik 2 Download PC Game


If you don't know this game, then I have no idea why are you browsing this site. This is absolute classic, legendary, wonderful, famous, playful, colorful, fun, entertaining, and everything else. This is Prehistorik 2. The principle of the game is quite simple - to pass all the levels and pick up as many points as possible. The game has a total of 12 levels (some of them are hidden, but that is also a beauty of this game - you have to try bang everything, even ground to find this hidden places). You start with three lives but you can find more over the time. Your only weapon is mace, but you can also find a more powerfull hammer (be carefull, once you die, you won't get it back). You will face a lot of strange creatures and obstacles, but mostly you are gonna have a great time with lot of fun.

The hero must use his club to crush animal enemies, many of which then release bonus items to collect. He no longer needs to feed his clan, so there is no required minimum food target, unlike the original game. Other bonus items are located around the levels, while yet more can be found by using your club creatively and adventurously.

Passwords for every level can be found written in various places and they are different on every computer. You also encounter bosses after every few levels. In addition, the game includes hidden locations, multiple level exits and even hidden levels.

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Why oh why oh why oh why, I wrote to Anne Robinson only the other day, are we still having to put up with the same tired old ideas from purveyors of platform games? I refer to the recently released game Prehistorik 2, from the French software publisher, Titus. It adds absolutely nothing new or worthwhile to the genre. I wouldnt mind, but Titus seem to produce little but platform games these days and all of them are very much alike except for a change of scenery, music and sprites. All right, so this game is aimed at kids, but then so are Zool, Robocod and Magic Pockets, and they are all far superior. We software supporters deserve better than this, so come on Titus, give us something new for a change.

When platform games were in their infancy (were talking Manic Miner here), it was fine to have every enemy in the game wander mindlessly back and forth as they do in Prehistorik 2. Thats not the case anymore. Play a game like Gods and youll discover just what a difference intelligent enemies make. They will find ways of attacking you so that it is more difficult for you to strike back, rather than simply dashing at you in a suicide run.

There are secret areas to be found in Prehistorik 2, but they generally consist of a single room with a selection of bonuses. There are other places throughout the game that, if hit, will shower bonuses on you. Unfortunately finding these is so boring its not worth the effort. Zool on the other hand, has a variety of secret areas, All found in very different ways. One of them is even a complete shoot em-up level!

Game will not be saved after closing your browser. Download and install the game if you want to save. CTRL-F12 attempts to speed up game, CTRL-F11 attempts to slow it down. See Instructions section above for help playing the game!

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Prehistorik Download Free for pc is a sequel to the Prehistorik platform game developed and published by Titus Interactive; It was released for DOS and Amstrad CPC in 1993. Prehistorik is an old two-legged game, published in 1991 by Titus Interactive. The main type of this old game is arcade. We have given this game an amazing rating of 80 and you can download it for free here. It is a side scrolling platform game developed by Titus Interactive and released in 1991 for Amiga, Atari ST, Amstrad CPC and DOS. The main character is the Neanderthals who must explore a prehistoric environment, avoid dangers and try to find food. In this fun platform game you can control caveman while jumping and hitting through levels. The controls are relatively simple and only use the arrow keys and the space bar.

Prehistorik download pc game has the same story from the first game where you play the role of caveman in search of food. One of the elements that has not been transported to the supplement is the need to maintain a minimum level of food. Using his club, the cave man hits the enemies on the head and takes the spoils they leave behind. Enemies randomly drop food and other rewards upon death. You can also find items by using the wand for things other than enemies. The game contains hidden areas, secret levels and multiple exits in each level. Every few levels you engage in boss combat and you are given a password to skip that level in restart.

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The game is in English, although for this genre the language is not fundamental. The size of the game for those times is huge, more than one megabyte. For comparison, this game can be recorded 50 thousand times on a BlueRay disk. The system requirements are minimal, the game went great on the 286th processor.

The game impresses with its numerous droids: an instant response on the keys, a juicy picture, differing in concepts of levels, which affects the ways of passing. Also, the enemies are not just differently drawn, they really behave differently. You have to shred countless hordes of turtles, different species of dragonflies, saber-toothed leopards, pterodactyls, wolves, caterpillars, dinosaurs, some nosed men in leopard skins, bats, balls with eyes, penguins, even bears. But the most common opponents are unknown animals. Tying by the number and variety of enemies is a kind of Serious Sam among the arcades. Also at the end of some levels we have to fight with the bosses.

The game has 2 main types of weapons of near and far range. The first type is a cudgel or wooden kalatushka, and the second is various tomogavki and throwing axes. For each level there is its best for passing weapons.

If by the variety of enemies - this is Serious Sam among the arcades, then by the number of hidden levels the game can be compared to Wolfenstein 3D. The game also has a variable landscape. Some parts of the walls and obstacles can be demolished. Conversely, you can knock out secret, previously invisible islets to get to the most delicious food.

In terms of game file size, you will need at least 15 MB of free disk space available. The minimum memory requirement for Prehistorik 2 is 512 MB of RAM installed in your computer. Additionally, the game developers recommend somewhere around 1 GB of RAM in your system. The cheapest graphics card you can play it on is an ATI FireGL T2-128. To play Prehistorik 2 you will need a minimum CPU equivalent to an Intel Pentium 4 1.80GHz. Whereas, an Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 is recommended in order to run it.

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