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We examined the effect of ozone (O(3)) on Norway spruce (Picea abies) needle epicuticular wax over three seasons at the Kranzberg Ozone Fumigation Experiment. Exposure to 2x ambient O(3) ranged from 64.5 to 74.2 microl O(3) l(-1) h AOT40, and 117.1 to 123.2 nl O(3) l(-1) 4th highest daily maximum 8-h average O(3) concentration. The proportion of current-year needle surface covered by wax tubes, tube aggregates, and plates decreased (P=0.011) under 2x O(3). Epistomatal chambers had increased deposits of amorphous wax. Proportion of secondary alcohols varied due to year (P=0.004) and O(3) treatment (P=0.029). Secondary alcohols were reduced by 9.1% under 2x O(3). Exposure to 2x O(3) increased (P=0.037) proportions of fatty acids by 29%. Opposing trends in secondary alcohols and fatty acids indicate a direct action of O(3) on wax biosynthesis. These results demonstrate O(3)-induced changes in biologically important needle surface characteristics of 50-year-old field-grown trees.

The anatomy of the mature embryo and 34-day old seedling ofPicea smithiana (Wall) Boiss. has been described. The organization of the shoot and root apices in both is similar. The shoot apex shows five cytohistological zones, where the entire surface layer shows periclinal divisions and a small subapical initials zone. In the radicular and root apices there is a common initiating zone for the stele and columella in the centre surrounded by another common initiating zone for the cortex and peripheral region of the root cap. In the mature embryo thekappe divisions of the protoderm resulting in the peripheral region of the cap can be noted, which, however, disappear in the root of the seedling. The 34-day old seedling shows a root-hypocotyl-cotyledon vasculature without any connection with the shoot, where no vasculature has yet developed.

Lipoleiomyomas are uncommon benign neoplasms of uterus and are considered to be a variant of uterine myomas. Their reported incidence varies from 0.03% to 0.2%. Lipoleiomyoma consists of variable proportion of mature lipocytes and smooth muscle cells. These tumors generally occur in asymptomatic obese perimenopausal or menopausal women. We report this case of uterine lipoleiomyoma because of its rarity.

Lipoleiomyoma is known to be an extremely rare benign tumor of uterus and is suspected to be a variant of leiomyoma. Apart from uterus, it can also occur in different locations including cervix and ovaries. The typical signs and symptoms of lipoleiomyoma are quite similar to that of leiomyoma. It consists of smooth muscles and mature adipose tissue. [sup][1] Leiomyomas of the uterus are extremely common neoplasms.The overall incidence is between 4% and 11%, but it rises to nearly 40% in women over the age of 50 years. Clinically apparent lesions are less common in parous than nulliparous women and premenopausal than postmenopausal women.They are known to shrink after menopause; this is associated both with fibrosis and with a reduction in the size of the individual tumour cells.

A study by Lan et al. (2004) of 250 shoe workers in China exposed to benzene found a highly significant dose-dependent decrease in colony formation of progenitor cells with increasing benzene exposure. With a greater proportional decrease in progenitor cell colony formation than the proportional decrease in the levels of differentiated white blood cells and granulocytes, Lan et al. (2004) suggested that early progenitor cells are more sensitive to the haematotoxic effects of benzene than mature blood cells. This is in agreement with other earlier findings in both humans and animals (Smith et al., 2000; Abernathy et al., 2004).

Numerous other studies have shown benzene to be carcinogenic in rats and mice. Maltoni et al. (1982, 1983, 1985, 1989) reported that benzene administered (by stomach tube) to 13-week-old Sprague-Dawley rats at 0, 50, or 250 mg/kg bw in olive oil, 4-5 times per week for 52 weeks, resulted in dose-related increases in the incidence of Zymbal gland carcinomas in female rats only. In another study by Maltoni et al. (1989), 7-week-old male and female Sprague-Dawley rats orally exposed (by stomach tube) to 0 or 500 mg benzene/kg bw in olive oil 4-5 times per week for 105 weeks displayed significantly higher incidence (related to controls) of Zymbal gland and oral cavity carcinomas (males and females), nasal cavity and skin carcinomas (males), and cancer of the forestomach (females). Wistar rats, Swiss mice, and RF/J mice (50 animals per sex per group) orally exposed to 0 or 50 mg benzene/kg bw in olive oil 4-5 times per week for 104, 78, and 52 weeks, respectively, showed an increased incidence in cancer compared with controls (Maltoni et al., 1989). Wistar rats displayed an increased incidence of cancers of the Zymbal gland (males) and oral cavity (females); Swiss mice had an increased incidence of cancers of the Zymbal gland (males), mammary gland (females), and lung tissue (males and females); and RF/J mice were found to have a higher incidence of pulmonary tumours (males and females) and mammary gland carcinomas (females). Maltoni et al. (1982, 1983, 1985, 1989) also assessed the carcinogenic potential of benzene through inhalation studies using pregnant Sprague-Dawley rats and their offspring. Exposure to 0, 200, or 300 ppm of benzene for 15 or 104 weeks also showed increased incidences (compared with controls) of Zymbal gland cancers and mammary gland tumours in adults, with significantly higher incidences of Zymbal gland cancers and non-significant increases in cancers of the oral and nasal cavity, mammary gland, and liver also reported in the offspring. In another experiment by Maltoni et al. (1989), Sprague-Dawley rats were exposed to benzene in utero (via dams exposed to 0, 200, or 300 ppm) from day 12 of gestation and during lactation. Slight increases in the incidences of Zymbal gland carcinoma, oral cavity carcinoma, hepatoma, and leukaemia were reported (Maltoni et al., 1989). 041b061a72


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