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Bonifati Vorontsov

Discover Simone's Amazing Voice and Music with Her 38 Albums in Portuguese, Spanish and Other Languages

Between 1963 and 1969, Simone produced a string of classics: Wild Is The Wind, Love For Sale, You Cant Tell Me And Don Part 2, Autumn Leaves, Green Black and Yellow and Wild Is The Wind Live all produced for the RCA label by various orchestras and conductors. Of these, the last of her RCA recordings, unofficially titled Live In Copenhagen, is one of her most interesting works. Besides trying her out as a lead singer, Simone shows off her dramatic chops as an actor, with a fine rendition of Rossinis William Tell Overture and Lucaniais Fatty Apollo in the same show. The solo piano performances of Spellbound and Indian Summer are particularly memorable. Highly recommended if you love this singer. The G.O.R.I.L.L. Dub Ensemble has not been issued here yet, but with Simone still waiting tables at various fairs and festivals this is something of a lost album.

Simone Discografia Completa 38 Cds

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This two-track album was originally released in 1991 as an unauthorized version by MK Records, originally distributed by Rhino Records. The MK version is now out-of-print, but the original issue and its catalog number (c/w The Kind Of Stuff I Do) can be found on eBay for a surprisingly reasonable price. The original edition is composed almost entirely of solo piano numbers from my favourite album from the Nina label period, 1991s Love For Sale: a tantalizing, gorgeous set that collects Simone's gorgeous, gorgeous piano performances of songs from her album of the same name.

The one and only release by Simone this side of her pivotal reunion with Lee Adams is This Painted Hell. Recorded in September 2000, the album contains a variety of solo, duo and vocal performances. Thematically, it is easy to sum up as an album about love, death and redemption. The recording features Simone's lyrics over an arrangement which blends piano and occasionally acoustic guitar, with enough horns and strings to be in the jazz-blues realm.


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